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  • mixednut
    02-21 02:33 PM
    It appears that US CIS lost my I-90 application a year ago and subsequent attempts to get a replacement GC failed thus far. Best course of action?

    Here are the details...

    Received GC in 1999. Last year when I tried to get a re-entry permit (I-131), US CIS mailed me a notice saying that my GC had the wrong A-number on it (US CIS administrative error), and needed to be replaced via I-90.

    The notice also said that while waiting for the replacement GC, I could go to the district office, obtain a temporary GC, and then re-file for I-131.

    So in January 2007, I filed the no-cost I-90, where the reason was, "My card was issued with incorrect information because of a USCIS administrative error. I have attached the incorrect card and evidence of the correct information." The application included the original GC with the "bad" A-number, and was sent via certified mail, receipt requested. Later, I received a confirmation from US Mail that the application was delivered.

    Subsequent multiple requests to US CIS produced the response, "We have no record of your application". Subsequently mailed copied of the I-90 application, produced a response, "denied, your did not include a GC with your application".

    I did another "Service Request" with US CIS yesterday, and am pretty sure the response will be the same, "We have no record of your application".

    What would you suggest as the best course of action? Just file a full cost (about $300?) I-90 declaring the GC "lost", and forget that it was the US CIS error?

    Thanks for any help!

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  • obviously
    06-29 12:36 PM
    What does this topic have to do with the interests of this community? It would be helpful to stay focussed and on point, failing which folks might stop coming here due to the level of noise and distraction in the forums.

    Admins - please consider.

    Thanks, O
    P.S. Choose to flame me in response, it will be duly and dutifuly ignored :)

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  • immihelp1
    08-07 02:16 PM
    Dear nsb,

    What u said is not true.

    I am in 8th year and went to Nogales for stamping last week. Got 3 years stamped.

    If anyone want's more info please PM me.


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  • vishwak
    10-26 08:54 AM
    I hope you know how to search for info in Google. Just search it and do your basic research and then you can come back and ask question.

    Then the answers here would make a lot more sense.

    Toooo funny.

    If you are in America ask your company HR or your company Attorney and then come back with questions.


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  • invincibleasian
    02-10 05:22 PM
    Dear Fellow Posters

    After 12 months of toil I have finally completed the narrative and evidence that I need for an EB-1a (Extraordinary Alien) application. I ab about to complete the I-140 paperwork to go with it.

    My questions is this - I have contacted a small number of Immigration attorneys who have quoted me approx $6000 for the whole process. How many of you value think that USCIS would look at my application more favourably if I used a reputed attorney rathen than putting in my own application and paperwork ?

    Thanks in anticpation of your replies


    USCIS will be interested in the content of the application rather than the reputation of the attorney submitting it. You are free to submit your own application if you are comfortable researching immigration laws required for your application.

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  • marty
    03-14 02:52 PM
    Thanks for the reply. I've also got canadian immigration as a backup and my visa is valid till April 20. I was planning to go to canada and come back to US on parole but my friends advised me to wait as from march bulletin it looks like my PD for Oct 05 will become current hopefully in the next bulletin. I was told that I might put the US case in risk as you never know what could happen when you come back.

    What do you guys suggest?

    Thanks for your help.


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  • four1seven
    05-16 09:55 PM
    excellent, thanks man :D

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  • pappu
    03-02 08:09 AM
    It is sad to see nobody coming forward for help. It is everybody's fight. When someone takes initiative we should all help. There is nothing to fear while meeting lawmakers.

    All members in Georgia, please contact brij523 by sending him PMs and help him with chapter tasks. It is important that we all participate in our own state chapters.

    Coming to this site annonymously and posting all kinds of ideas for others to implement, or posting strategiic direction and commenting will not help. Members are fearful of even giving the correct email ids to us. Thousands of our emails bounced this week when we sent an email to our members. We want everybody to roll up their sleeves and participate in meet the lawmakers drive.


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  • meridiani.planum
    03-02 11:58 PM
    Hello, I am on H1B with an employer with dates from sep 2005 to sep 2008. I am amending my petition (with a new lca) as well as extending it for the same company. The amendment date will be from April 1st.

    Now my question is shd my extension (with amendment) be from April 2008 to April 2011 or can it be for the remainder of 6 years that is April 2011 to Sep 2011. Please let me know. Thanks

    upto april 2011. This is a bit like transferring your H1 after you complete 2.5 years with some employer: you get 3 more years, not 3.5. H1 extensions/filings/transfers are always <= 3 years.

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  • dhirajgrover
    01-18 03:14 PM

    USCIS Online Change of Address

    Customers who have an application and/or petition which has been filed with USCIS but has not yet been decided (also known as a 'pending' case) should notify USCIS of any change of address as soon as possible after moving.

    The law requires nearly all non-U.S. Citizens1 to report a change of address within 10 days of moving by completing a Form AR-11. Abiding by these legal requirements and completing the necessary forms does not update an address on any applications or petitions pending with USCIS. Non-citizens with pending cases must do both.

    Most customers can now notify USCIS to change their address on a pending case online here on our website. Non-citizens can also now complete the Form AR-11 online here on our website.

    If you choose to change your address online using our Online Change of Address Notification tool, you will need to have some information available. Please have the following information available before you begin:

    * Your receipt notice or other notice we sent you showing your receipt number (if you have a pending case with USCIS).
    * Your new address
    * Your old address
    * If you have filed a petition for a family member, please have the names and biographical information for that person.
    * When you last entered the United States (if you cannot remember this information please fill in an approximate date)
    * Where you last entered the United States (through what port of entry you entered - whether by land, sea or air)


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  • aachoo
    05-24 02:24 PM
    Attorney did the work for me. But he asked for 2 photos for AP renewal. The EAD renewal generated a biometrics apppointment within 2 weeks (I am in CA)

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  • Prashanthi
    02-11 04:20 PM
    You are allowed to maintain your H-1 while travelling on Advance Parole, this is an exception to the general rule.

    Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 00051801 (posted May. 18, 2000)"
    U.S. Department of Justice
    Immigration and Naturalization Service
    HQADJ 70/ 2.8.6, 2.8.12, 10.18
    AD 00-03
    May 16, 2000
    SUBJECT: AFM Update: Revision of March 14, 2000 Dual Intent Memorandum


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  • jnc
    07-12 02:15 PM

    Thanks for your answers.


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  • raysaikat
    04-05 05:45 PM

    Can a H4 visa holder apply for the Praxis test series and then apply for State Teacher Certification. I know on H4 we can't work but is it possible , just getting the Teacher Certification.

    I believe that you can take tests as long as you formally study on your own. But get this confirmed by a lawyer.

    If it's not possible on H4 then I have an option to convert H4 to L2 (as my husband will change his status from H1 to L1) and get EAD.

    Just a clarification: If your spouse changes from H1 to anything, your H-4 status is automatically terminated; there is no "option" to retain it.

    Can after that can I get the Teacher Certification from PA ?

    I checked on PA State Teacher Certification requirement for Foreign Educated Teachers and there is one point like this.

    - is a citizen of the United States or holds an resident alien (green card) visa

    Will EAD/H4 considered as Resident Alien Visa ?


    Or without Green Card it's not possible to get this Certificate ?

    Please help me.


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  • boston_gc
    09-11 11:25 AM

    I have a quick question about PERM requirements. I was told by my attorney that if I own my company�s stocks, I will be considered a part owner of the company and this will automatically trigger an audit.

    My company is a private company and I was given some stock options with very few stocks that I have exercised. I will really appreciate your response.


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  • Pineapple
    07-27 03:53 PM
    Is it my eyes? Or am I really seeing five threads on the exact same thing?


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  • cox
    February 13th, 2005, 09:37 PM
    shows you how attitudes to helping sick people have changed. In the old days and in many third world countries, it's still a semi Prison system (to look at)

    For the mentally ill, it sometimes still is here in the States... For those that can get care at all. Very haunting shots, Freddy. :eek:

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  • saketkapur
    07-14 11:42 AM
    I filed my I-485 in July last year. My PD is EB2-Feb 2007. I could not file for my wife since she is pursuing her medical residency on a J1 visa with the 2 year HRR requirement.
    My queries are as follows:
    1. For the interfiling to happen does she need to be done with her J1 waiver or even when she is pursuing it as that is a H1B visa?
    2. If I get my green card before she is done with her waiver then can I still file for her later or will her case then be treated as a family based petition?
    I will really appreciate if somebody can provide some insight regarding the same.
    Saket Kapur

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-22 11:00 AM
    On June 9, 2009, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano granted deferred action for two years to widows and widowers of U.S. citizens (and their unmarried children under 18 years old) who reside in the United States, and who were married for less than two years before their spouse&rsquo;s death. Deferred action is a short-term act of prosecutorial discretion that suspends removal proceedings against an individual or group of individuals for a specific timeframe. The action is temporary and it will not resolve an individual&rsquo;s underlying immigration status.

    In addition to the deferred action, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will suspend all adjudications of visa petitions and adjustment applications filed by widow(er)s where the only reason for reassessment of immigration status was the death of a U.S. citizen spouse before the second anniversary of the marriage. Further, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will now defer initiating or continuing removal proceedings, or executing final orders of removal against qualified widow(er)s and their eligible children.

    Secretary Napolitano states that the deferred action is a &ldquo;common-sense and practical&rdquo; solution that will grant &ldquo;these individuals and their children an opportunity to stay in the country that has become their home while their legal status is resolved.&rdquo;

    Additional information may be found at: (

    More... (

    11-06 12:15 AM
    More clarifications are required about this new rule, this is a duplicate filing requirement in addition to FBAR

    09-11 10:20 PM
    To all IV members and the core team:

    Thanks a bunch for mobilizing members to get their voices heard - first at the historic San Jose rally of high-skilled legal immigrants, and now with this monumental effort in DC on September 18th.

    Thanks to all your efforts (myself included), we were able to file for Adjustment of Status (AOS), EAD and AP in July, and had the extension till August 17th to file it for those of us who couldn't do it sooner.

    Thanks also to the lawmaker(s), and others who voiced their opinions and drew attention to the plight of highly educated, skilled, tax-paying, brilliant, and entrepreneurial folks, waiting for their GCs for as long as a decade.

    We finally received our EADs yesterday, and our APs have been approved (awaiting notices).

    The road from here to finally becoming permanent residents and perhaps eventually citizens of this great country (for those of us who wish to) is a long, winding one, full of tricky situations, significant risks, and the inevitable delays by the agencies concerned.

    We all need to collectively make our voices heard, tell the lawmakers, the media, and the world about our lives that we continue living in limbo, and will be forced to do so for a long long time if we don't act.


    (San Jose rally pictures and videos, and Aman's messages from Milpitas, CA meeting can be found at

    I urge all affected and still on the sidelines to participate in every way that they can to make this organization and its efforts successful.

    cheers, and see ya'll in DC!

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