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  • Kevin Sadler
    August 9th, 2005, 03:20 PM
    hi jason. if you post a couple here it will be a lot easier to put the critique with the picture so we don't have to go back and forth to different sites. it also allows others to see the pix and critiques together. hope that works for you. later, kevin

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  • admin
    05-30 08:42 AM
    Immigration Voice has been featured today's Baltimore Sun Headlines. Given that many of the Lawmakers and their Staff reside in the Baltimore area, we're sure that this will be a great positive impact for our cause. Thanks to our member Raj Patel for volunteering for this effort.,0,682133.story?page=1&coll=bal-local-headlines

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  • peterchan
    07-24 02:06 AM
    As a H1B holder, can I start a new company and volunteer for it while I am holding a full-time job for the company that sponsors me the visa? I am expecting the new company to gain a profit, of course.:)

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  • satyasaich
    03-22 09:12 AM
    Can you please send a PM to
    IVC needs a member to speak with a reporter. This is for a highly recognized publication in the U.S., but the member must meet the following requirements:

    1) The individual must be EB1 or O category; and
    2) The individual must have correspondence from the US government documenting the absurd red tape (a letter explaining the delays in their green card, etc).

    Please contact us as soon as possible if you meet these requirements � or know someone else who is - and are willing to speak with the reporter. It would greatly advance IV�s cause to be included in such an article, so please help us.


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  • freddyCR
    January 3rd, 2005, 03:58 PM
    a bit overkill for my taste, but I see the potential of those filters....what are they a PhotoShop plug-in?
    Can you send me the link, pls?

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  • rajuram
    11-14 10:03 PM
    Good to see motivated members.....

    It is certain that the politicians will not touch the immigration topic in the next one year. Even after best efforts of the president the immigration bill failed in the senate few months ago.

    One and only one thing that can be tried before Nov 2008 is the recapture of visa numbers from the last five years. I think IV should push for that.

    Other than the above not much can happen, get ready for really long cold winter and then a looong hot summer. I wish things were better.


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  • a2k2
    06-15 08:01 PM
    Yes I did send a copy of her I-485.

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  • handless
    04-16 03:21 PM
    Well glad you like it i do agree it is a bit gory but most the stuff i do is gory i dont know i guess it comes from my obsession with horror and slasher flicks.


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  • highskies26
    09-07 04:33 AM

    I just got my approval (Mar 06, TSC), finally! The key issue that I am facing is that I am not in US at the moment and it is very difficult for me to return immediately.

    1. Is it okay that I come back after a month or so?

    2. Secondly, my AP is expiring later this month though I have H1B stamped till next year. The issue is that earlier this year I had used AP to enter US in spite of the fact that I had a valid H1B. DOES this invalidate my H1B visa? Can I use the H1B visa to enter US after my AP expires???

    Is there anything else I can do such as getting the cards fedexed to me and use them to enter US?

    Experts pl. advise�

    Thanks a lot.

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  • GCBy3000
    11-09 11:59 AM
    You message is not clear. Are you saying he cannot work without getting a new H1. If he needs to get a new H1, then he needs to go out of the country for more than a year and come back later with a new H1.

    I beleive, he can do H1 transfer. By the way, the new company should also start your labor and I140. Still you can port your PD if you have already 140 approved.

    There is nothing tricky, it is plain and simple: you want to switch jobs?
    You have to apply for a new H1. You absolutely cannot use your current H1 to work any other job.


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  • MatsP
    June 8th, 2005, 07:50 AM
    If you go to the first post in this thread, click on p_t_smiles, you get a menu that says, among other things, "Find all posts by p_t_smiles". When you select that option, you'll find a few posts. Just look through those threads, and you'll get some ideas.


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  • tdasara
    07-19 10:00 AM
    'Business is America's Business'!

    A good way to highlight our plight is to write to business magazines/research journals.

    Anyone with a business idea or is a researcher and are being held back because of this retrogression, approach and write to business magazines or research journals. Even a simple email asking suggestions on your situation and if there is any work around might help.

    Every city has a few local business magazines and these very much influence the local elected representatives.

    The more our plight is published, the better.

    And remember we eventually might influence the local politics one day with our contributions!


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  • good idea
    11-11 12:44 AM
    finally this link worked....

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  • axp817
    04-08 01:00 PM
    There was a soft LUD (LUD - but no change in status) on my approved I-140 on 4/3/2008. I am not as excited as I am curious/conerned though. I work for the sponsoring employer and the employer wouldn't have revoked my I-140, just in case anyone was wondering.


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  • nixone
    09-18 03:42 PM
    Job Ad:
    OPERATIONS RESEARCH ANALYST - Formulate mathematical or simulation models of problems, relating constants & variables; perform validation & testing of models, design & analyze algorithms; develop related software; define data requirement, gather & validate information, apply judgment & statistical tests; study & analyze information for courses of action; use computer skills: Java, VB, DBMS, Data Mining, Data Structures, SAS, Crystal Reports. Master’s deg. in Economics, Public Policy, Public Administration, or related field with strong computer skills demonstrated thru academic coursework/previous experience. 3-5 yrs. rel. exp. req.

    Please help me correct the wrong answers below. I have a master's degree in Public Policy from a US university and trying to qualify for EB2. I did not have experience in Operations Research before my current job. Thank you for your time.

    ETA Form 9089
    Section H:

    3. Job title: Operations Research Analyst
    4. Education minimum level required: Master's
    4-B. Major field of study: Economics
    5. Is training required in job opportunity: No
    6. Is experience in the job offered required for the job: No my lawyer says YES to this.
    7. Is there an alternate field of study acceptable: Public Policy, Public Administration, or related field
    8. Is there an alternate combination of education and experience that is acceptable: No
    9. Is foreign education equivalent acceptable: No
    10. Is experience in an alternate occupation acceptable: Yes
    10-A. If Yes, number of months experience in alternate occupation required: 36 months
    10-B. Identify the job title of acceptable alternate occupation: Systems/Business Analyst
    12. Are the job opportunity's requirements normal for the occupation? Yes
    13. Is knowledge of a foreign language required to perform the job duties? No
    14. Specific skills or other requirements: Not Applicable
    15. A combination of occupations: No
    16. Is the position identified in the application being offered to the alien identified in section J? : Yes

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  • gimme_GC2006
    07-18 06:34 AM
    Sorry I can not answer your question. But I have one question for you see if you can help me.
    You said that by AUG 2008 bulletin, your dates are current.. Which date we should refer to? Date from I-140 or date from I-485?
    Can u pls help?


    That would be your PD date which will be on your I-140


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  • rkp27
    09-21 01:59 PM
    yes i had receipt number for 140 but employer was not giving me 140 approval notice and labor certificate approval copy.

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  • shana04
    02-19 01:23 PM
    I have been trying to go thru various threads in this sub-forum. I have few questions, which I will appreciate if anyone can answer:

    1. Are you responsible for invoking the AC21 or the new company that hires you does that?

    2. Will you be hired into new company using EAD or H1B?
    EAD or H1B

    3. Does H1B need to be transferred to the new company anyways?
    yes, if you want to use H1B. Else use EAD it is your choice

    4. If wife has started using her EAD, how does that get affected?
    no, problem, if you are still on h1b then she can always fall back to h4

    5. Can you continue to use the AP issued or do you have to have a new AP re-issued?
    you can use AP issued.

    Good luck


    Status (Notice Approval Dates):
    - AP (11/2007),
    - FP & EAD (10/2007),
    - I-485 (9/2007),
    - I-140 (6/2007)

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  • ns521
    03-09 06:34 AM
    another website...more headache..

    07-08 01:54 AM

    Is there any fee applicable (or no fee) for RENEWAL of AP document, if I-485 has been filed with new fee structure ($ 1010) ?


    09-30 10:33 PM
    Unfortunately , it is true. I personally know a friend whose I-485 was denied even without issuing any NOID or RFE. Reason, well its very obvious, the underlying I-140 was revoked, even though it was past 180 days. By law, your supposed to get NOID or RFE. but some IOs are ignorant and do not know the AC21 laws properly. So they issue straight denial. The number of cases are few because not many companies revoke I-140 past 180 days. But few companies do and some have to do it. So in these situation yes, chances are that you will get a straight denial and that is why there is thread to lobby efforts to raise some concerns to Ombudsman about these erroneous denials.

    The intensity of denials is on rise now and also intensity of 140 withdrawals from ex employers is on rise.

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