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poems for moms birthday. poems for moms birthday
  • poems for moms birthday

  • PlipPlop
    Apr 14, 10:46 AM
    I agree and disagree. It's more than just the cool factor. But that is a big part. Consumers also know that a Apple product is more reliable, better supported and overall less headache than a PC.

    So basically, there is a reality to the marketing hype.

    Im not sure about the reliability, Apple products have taken a massive down turn in reliability. My old G4 is going strong but everyone I know who has a Mac Book has had to have them repaired by Apple stores. Seems like the dvd drives on them break quite a lot.

    poems for moms birthday. poems for moms birthday
  • poems for moms birthday

  • Pentad
    Mar 28, 09:21 PM
    Both of you are wrong.

    Apple is a vertical systems integrator and vendor. They sell an vertically integrated solution that includes both software and hardware. They've been like this since the 70s, back when it was in-style.

    These days, these types of vendors are rare. IBM still is with some POWER machines running AIX, HP has their Itanium/HP-UX systems and of course Oracle and the SPARC/Solaris boxes, but of course, these are mostly big-Iron Unix solutions, which is about the only place you'll find vertical solutions anymore.

    Apple probably is the last of the consumer vendors doing vertical integration.

    I could not agree more. They have been very good at slowly moving more and more of their needs in-house. Their ability to produce their own chips was a brilliant move. I would bet real money you will continue to see them move farther into this area. Clouds, chips, and software give them quite a powerhouse of ability.

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  • dmbfrontier
    Mar 29, 08:47 AM
    ok thanks would you say wifi is the best or att&t wifi ??

    Personally, I only get the wifi versions. I have no need for 3G data as I have wifi at home and watch movies, etc while in transit. There is wifi almost everywhere. Also, the data plans are pricey for what you get and the service is not up to par.

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  • poems for moms birthday. happy

  • UTclassof89
    Nov 5, 08:03 PM
    Apple never used flash for anything more than simple animated ads on their site! And moved away from that to Quicktime based video. If you were seeing Flash it was because you were on a PC with out quicktime and the Apple site was falling back to flash!

    Flash is evil it is not searchable, it is a black stain on the open web!

    Learn about it before you bash it. Flash IS searchable (Google something with "filetype:swf" to show only results occurring in SWF files). It's also deep-linkable (see It's used for much more than ads (see and Anyone who's taken a Flash class knows that its easy to detect the FlashPLayer, so non-flash content can be served up in the absence of the FlashPlayer.

    Wake up: it isn't 1998 anymore: Flash is a full-fledged OOP environment now!

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 17, 12:07 PM
    If your going to criticize the grammar your comments should be directed at Apple. Have seen the front page of

    It's perfectly acceptable form for a short, succinct advert. It isn't a large block of text. I'm not sure what you're going on about.

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  • autrefois
    Nov 28, 10:18 AM
    I think this is wonderful news! But not surprising. People have been waiting for this for so long. We always knew this partnership was meant to be, for it was written, or rather sung...After all, in the song “A Hard Day’s Night” there is a line that has a double reference to Apple Computers.

    "You know I work all day to get you money to buy you things"

    The reference to "iWork" is obvious, and it’s disappointing no one noticed this earlier. This is the Beatles urging people to use iWork instead of Microsoft Word when doing stuff for business.

    But more importantly, if you play the second part of this line backward, “to buy you things” (, you can clearly can hear John Lennon singing “Now ya have a iPod” (

    Sure, it should be "an iPod", but it's amazing enough the Beatles knew back in 1964 that the iPod would exist, we don't need to quibble over their grammar here. So expect a Beatles and Apple Computer partnership soon, with a clear possibility of a Beatles iPod -- you wanted the Beatles on iTunes, well now ya have a iPod!

    For any naysayers out there, listen to the song clips yourself on the links above or use your own copy (for example, once you download it from iTunes in the near future!). This at long last explains why in the forward version of the song John clearly sings " thin' " instead of "things" — all the time there was a backward message about the iPod just waiting to be discovered.

    Now what's this I hear about Paul being dead?


    Anyway, this will be great once people can finally get Beatles songs from the iTunes Store. The greatest music group on the greatest music store.

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  • mrkjsn
    Oct 15, 07:51 PM
    Here's my setup. Monitor on left and top are used for work. The vertical monitor is used for browsing forums.

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  • ArchaicRevival
    May 5, 12:08 AM
    I never understood this whole 3D thing...

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  • Popeye206
    Mar 29, 09:37 AM
    But once 4G is implemented, will Verizon's internet and downloading be the same or faster speed-wise than AT&T?

    I know currently AT&T is faster...

    4G can be significantly faster.

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  • SirOmega
    May 5, 12:20 AM
    The issue with Verizon (and probably other carriers) isn't a "mother may I..." issue of sending the updates over 3G, the issue is probably exempting the OS updates from any transfer caps.

    In other words, to not have the 500MB iOS update apply to the 200MB or 2GB/mo or 5GB/mo data cap. This might require Apple to grease the skids with a little cash for Verizon and AT&T, or limit updates to WiFi only.

    That said, Apple in general needs to get a better handle on their update package sizes. I've got 3 Macs, 2 iPads and 2 iPhones on my home internet connection. Its 300-500MB (occasionally more) per Mac each time Apple releases a OSX point release (about every other month), 500MB for each iOS update (every other month) times four devices. So I'm looking at a maximum of 3.2GB of just Apple updates each month. This doesn't include updating iTunes, iPhoto, MS Office, etc.

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  • lowbatteries
    Nov 2, 04:48 PM
    I disagree that people don't care about flash players. Plenty of sites out there use flash extensively and do not offer a non-flash version. Adding adobe flash capability to the iphone would make it that much better in my opinion. Just because apple doesn't want it, doesn't mean it's not useful. I for one believe that apple "sometimes" listens to it's users, and if enough people complain, apple will react. Think apps for the iphone (remember apple's stand, it's an ipod, not a computer), cut/paste and push service. Background apps seem to be the next barrier to be broken, why not flash?

    As far as adobe and MS "holding back" web progression, the whole point of flash is that it is a tool that makes highly interactive media sites easier to accomplish.

    Users don't care about flash, they care about websites. Some site developers seem to care more about Flash than about their users. Therefore, we get crappy Flash "websites" that don't work for the users. Who is at fault here? The developer. It's the developer's job to use technologies that will be future-proof and well, not suck.

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  • MacCoaster
    Oct 11, 08:19 AM
    Originally posted by edesignuk

    I'd have to dissagree with you there, even in the x86 world Mhz is not a clear rating, take the P4 and XP+ for example.
    The top Intel CPU at the moment is 2.8Ghz, while the AMD 2600+ (2.13Ghz) is AMD's best offering, even though there is almost a 700Mhz speed difference there the AMD will still be as fast if not faster as the apparently (going by Mhz) supreme Intel.
    He didn't say it was valid for Intel v. AMD. He simply stated architecture. AMD has its own architecture, which is a RISC chip with CISC emulator as far as I'm concerned. He even compared two AMD chips. Here, the MHz/GHz is a very valid benchmark.

    By the way, the 2.8GHz P4 kills AMD Athlon XP 2600+ for normal operations, but AMD Athlon XP 2600+ kills P4 when it comes to rendering with Maya, etc. Different things are superior in either.

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  • downpour
    Apr 11, 02:36 AM
    We just purchased CS5 last week, at the massively over-inflated UK price.

    Now they want us to pay them some more for a service pack.

    Thanks a lot Adobe.

    OK I take it back... well partially... the UK prices are still a disgrace.

    From Adobe's site:
    "You might be eligible for a complimentary upgrade if you recently bought your software product (full or upgrade)."

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  • Kauai
    Mar 29, 11:49 PM
    A 4" screen is more important to me than 4g. After using 4'3" devices, 3'5" feels downright puny.

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  • poppe
    Sep 6, 10:21 AM
    As a MBP Merom dreamer i feel... well like I dont know how I feel....

    If I was optimistic I would say the must have cleared the iMac out for a reason. Perhaps the new MBP will have a few more changes than just C2D to speak about so they updated iMac got it out and will now use the MBP as a big speaking event along with the iTunes Movie store and stuff...


    Another note, this must mean that the ACD's will eventually jump to 24"?


    And one last thing. No MBP Merom and no crying smiley face to show my expression...

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  • aswitcher
    Nov 6, 10:50 PM
    I really hope they put a graphics card in it (even 64MB) and an 802.11N capable wifi card.

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  • mscriv
    Apr 12, 09:49 PM
    Skunk, all that you have presented above is one interpretation based on things we know about the history of the Canaanite people. This proposition posits that the history the Bible describes is not factually based, but a reinterpretation.

    As I said before, I agree that much of the Canaanite people practiced polytheism. However, I believe, as scripture details, that God established a covenant with Abraham and from this covenant the Jewish nation was born. This action precipitated a change from polytheism to monotheism. I don't believe the commonalities that you point to indicate revisionist history. Many religions and mythologies share common concepts, common language, common historical figures, etc. Take Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as an example. They each have their own concepts of historical figures like Abraham and Jesus.

    I understand that you think your view of the evidence is the correct view and I respect your right to have that opinion. However, the whole of both the Jewish and the Christian faith would disagree.

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  • ejb190
    Aug 3, 10:02 AM
    I used to build a lot of fences for livestock farms. No matter how well we thought we built the fence, the only way to make sure the pigs couldn't get out was to put the pigs in...

    And that's my feelings about computer security. At least these guys are going public with their findings. Now it's time for the computer savy public to put them through their paces.

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  • radiohed
    Mar 25, 02:20 PM
    I really like the idea of a 10th anniversary version of the classic. It is retro enough to represent the first model of the iPod, but is updated enough to hold gobs of music and video. A solid state model that retains the click wheel would be sweet! :D The touch is a great device, but for music, I still prefer a tactile interface. I have a 4G nano, but it only holds a part of my collection. If the drop the classic, I will grab one for sure.

    Jun 29, 10:07 PM
    It'll just have a Retina Display with graphics higher than the current 4870 and faster hardware. It's only 22" because it doesn't need to be big at such pixel density. If you remove it's aluminum stand, it'll be light enough to be tolerable for your lap but it's gonna' be too hot.

    The whole screen can't be a big iPad that you put on a low table with virtual keyboard and pressure sensitivity (I expect the iPad to have Retina Display with pressure sensitivity and front camera) because that would be too tiring and the smudges are gonna' ruin photo editing sessions because nowadays you also use an iMac for professional jobs.

    The current iMac are already multi-touch with the multi-touch mouse. I just think it's the Retina display and the wireless keyboard will have iOS capabilities for things like Dashboard which is rarely used coz' it gets in the way of the your work.


    Nov 8, 07:42 AM

    The waiting drove me mad, but it's over!

    Sep 4, 06:30 AM (

    A number of recent reports have claimed that September 12th ( will bring an Apple media event with iMac updates.

    ThinkSecret now reports ( that Apple's September 12th media event will also introduce a 2nd generation iPod Nano and an updated 5G iPod alongside upgraded iMacs.

    According to the rumor site the new iPod nano will feature larger storage capacities as well as multiple colors in a metal finish. Meanwhile, the new full-size iPod will simply sport upgraded capacities at the same price point. ThinkSecret does not expect the long rumored touch-screen video iPod until but does expect the introduction of the iTunes Movie Store at this event.

    Aug 24, 06:01 PM
    My battery serial number was in the 3K437 range, but the website accepted my computers serial number, but not the battery...

    So i changed the last letter of my battery serial number from an A to a C (B diden't work)

    And it went thru.....

    :D sweet

    So does this mean that your battery is not part of the exchange program? Or is it part of the exchange program because you changed your serial number?

    Friends, I am not too sure right now, but I think I have just discovered a smart person or a dishonest person?

    Small White Car
    Jan 11, 03:58 PM
    So the theme line suggests that their big products will have to do with wireless networks.

    That really doesn't narrow it down any, but still, good to know!

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