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  • blevins321
    May 3, 09:11 AM
    Are you using the Bluetooth keyboard? That won't work with Windows XP setup. You'll need to have a wired one hooked up until after the Bootcamp drivers are installed. If you only need one program, though, you might be better off with Parallels or VMWare Fusion so that you can continue doing tasks on the Mac OS at the same time.

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  • ulbador
    Feb 24, 10:17 AM
    So at one point in my code, I use mysqli_ping() to check if a connection to mysql is still alive. In C, doing this will actually reconnect the connection if it dies, but with PHP it just returns true or false, which is fine.

    My problem is thus. On occasion, I get this error:

    Message: mysqli_ping() [<a href='function.mysqli-ping'>function.mysqli-ping</a>]: Couldn't fetch mysqli

    In an effort to prevent this, I have tried EVERYTHING I could think of to prevent the ping from being executed, to absolutely no avail:

    if (is_object($conn) && mysqil_ping($conn))

    if ($conn != null && mysqli_ping($conn))

    if (!empty($conn) && mysqli_ping($conn))

    if (isset($conn) && mysqli_ping($conn))

    if (!is_null($conn) && mysqli_ping($conn))

    try {
    } catch (Exception $e){

    I am totally at the end of my rope on this. Anyone have any suggestions?


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  • AlaskaMoose
    Mar 5, 12:48 AM
    I am too new at CS5 to be of much help, but I wonder if this would be of any help to you (?):

    a. Take a good quality RAW photo of the picture, and open this RAW image in Camera Raw as a Smart Object. See if you can adjust the area that is too light (left of the photo).

    b. Now, double-click on the image shown in the Layers panel, which in turn will open a layer of the image in Camera Raw. Now adjust the dark side of the image, and then click on "Done." The result is two layers blended into one.

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  • wayne091189
    Oct 17, 11:50 AM

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  • dcoulson
    Feb 9, 05:47 PM
    I have this in both my Mac Mini and MacBook Pro - Good deal, works great.

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  • firestarter
    Mar 10, 02:31 PM
    And you live in which country, OP?

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  • reberto
    Dec 7, 06:30 PM
    It might help to list your location :)
    done :D

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  • Westside guy
    Jan 25, 04:45 PM
    Unless you've got admin rights on the server - which would let you muck around with the server's smb.conf file (I'm assuming this is a Linux or OS X box running Samba) - there's not a lot you can do.

    If this is your personal machine - I don't think you can do much with Apple's GUI interface for this, but if you're fairly brave you can always muck around with smb.conf after thoroughly reading the documentation at :D

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  • mmccaskill
    Oct 21, 06:48 AM
    You missed the real story -- in the release notes Apple explain that they're deprecating the Apple maintained version of Java:

    Apple have provided a mechanism for installing 3rd party JDKs (in particular OpenJDK), but it likely won't work with current versions of Java IDEs (Netbeans, Eclipse etc) until they're updated to work with the new paths.

    I wonder if this is anything to do with Oralce?
    More importantly, is Java going to die on OS X? If OpenJDK or Soylatte don't pick it up then is all lost?

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  • alphaone
    Mar 6, 01:47 PM
    Edit for comparison's sake to current desktop tech:

    Used the PPD calc here:

    i7-2600k @ 4.4ghz
    TPF: ~2 min 5 sec
    PPD: 31026

    Then, later:

    i7-2600k @ 4.5ghz
    p6900 (core a5)
    TPF: ~26 min 0 sec
    PPD: 46454

    Very very happy with this new machine. I've name it Atlas. Seemed fitting.

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  • aquajet
    Dec 6, 01:28 PM
    If you do decide to swap out the logicboard from a newer/faster iMac, keep in mind there are two 500mhz boards out there...the DV SE which has the older 8mb Rage chip and the later models which have the 16mb chip. I'd look for a 600 or 700mhz board to be safe.

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  • macfan881
    Jun 17, 11:19 PM
    TMNT Turtles in Time is a classic theh graphics are a nice touch

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  • JollyJoeJoe
    Apr 23, 10:59 PM
    So Im a freelance Editor/Motion Graphics guy with no real understanding of RAID Controller Cards, or how they work.

    As of right now I have three 1TB drives inside my Mac Pro, RAIDed together (stripe 0) using the OS. No Raid card.

    The drives are all 7200rpm from varying manufacturers. (not sure if this matters.)

    My questions is; is it beneficial for me to get a RAID card to control these drives vs. leaving it to the OS to handle? Any suggestions for me?


    2010 8-Core Mac Pro 2.4
    14GB RAM

    3 drives in RAID0 ? Yikes, anyone of them goes and your machine is out of action. RAID0 offers no fault tolerance as no drives in the array share parity info or are mirrored.

    You would most certainly see a benefit in a hardware RAID solution, especially if you are going to switch to a RAID level with some redundancy, like RAID5 or RAID10. Also a true hardware RAID takes the processing load off your processors and memory.

    If on a budget you could go with RAID-Z, it involves switching to the ZFS file system. RAID-Z1 apparently offers similar performance to RAID5. Read this thread ( for further insight.

    I would get an SSD for the OS and use the 3x 7200rpm Disks in RAID5.
    RAID5 is great for storing uncompressed video data and in your case would offer protection against a single drive failure.

    or Just RAID5 with 3x HDD's and partition the RAID volume.

    The most recommend cards right now are the Areca 6g 1880 series or the new ATTO 6G series. For your needs something like the ARC-1880-i SAS 6G RAID Controller would suffice if you don't plan to connect external RAID/Storage solution.

    I would go with a 6G controller so as to take advantage of new fast 6G SSD's etc.

    nanofrog is the RAID-whizz around here and I am sure he would be able to suggest something for you.

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  • alukado
    Apr 29, 01:04 AM
    So every time u reboot u have to do the procedure again?

    Yep, but I always keep it on.

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  • appleguy123
    May 16, 08:31 PM
    Ha, one of the comments is saying it was made for the Batman TV show. Which was back in the '60s!

    It's obviously someone here then. :) Do we have a rat?

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  • Shaan
    Jun 10, 09:43 PM
    I don't think they will let you have the iPhone 3G S until 8am because that's what it says on Apple website. For 5th avenue store it is different, but for stores in malls are they going to change the mall hours to accommodate lines forming or will people only be allowed in at 8am? My mall doesn't open until later than 8am on Friday, does this mean my Apple Store won't be participating in the 8am opening and will simply open when the mall does?


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  • BlindMellon
    May 1, 06:47 AM
    Can we some pics of white iPhones with cases on? I feel like most case colors would clash too much with the white color of the phone. Can people post pics of their new white phones with cases on?
    off hand i'm going to say, what's the point of getting a white iphone if you're going to put a case on it?

    all though, a black bumper on a white phone looks pretty cool.

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  • treynolds
    Nov 16, 02:39 PM

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  • zelmo
    Mar 31, 07:52 AM
    :confused: My son loves Pokemon and, since his birthday is at the end of April, I am thinking of getting him the new Pokemon DS games. I don't know jack about Pokemon. Is there a difference between Diamond and Pearl, or is the existance of multiple versions just a means of generating revenue?

    Mar 10, 12:58 PM
    Yes, I still live with my parents. Does renters insurance cover say for example if my gear gets stolen while I'm on vacation too?

    May 2, 06:41 AM
    Thats a very nice reel man, good work! :)

    Jan 10, 12:25 PM
    Well, when I first saw this video several months ago, I got really excited... but now that it has actually been implemented in the iPhone, I think we'll see a bright future with this technology and Apple.

    I can already see so many uses for people using such programs as Aperture and the Final Cut Studio, for audio professionals and DJs, and it seems like it could be great for compositors using Phenomenon when it comes next year to replace shake.

    I'd love to have a regular ACD then an Apple Multi-Touch HD display to work on.

    There's no way that Apple will limit this to the iPhone for longer than it takes to effectively create screens and programs to work with it.

    Sep 22, 06:06 PM
    Well about 5 weeks ago i ordered a new computer and the Canon MP760 printer. I had ben very happy witht the service...until now. I just recieved an e-mail saying that my printer that i had ordered is NOT going to be delivered. While i know i can order a different one that is not the point.

    I am calling apple right now and i am going to try to get that printer put back on my order.

    Wish me luck!!

    Oct 16, 01:35 PM
    Yeah, what programs are you going to need that you can't run in OS X?

    Lee Tom

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