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  • beppo
    Jan 11, 05:17 PM
    I think that Ive made it where all of your the mac mini keyboard mouse and monitor float

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  • dontmatter
    Jul 24, 12:33 AM
    No. Please god no. I don't know how many of you have done e-books but e-books on anything smaller then a 4" screen sucks. HARD.

    What Apple needs to do is come out with a dedicated device. Integration seems the only way they can push into another market at this point. (Shades of MS Windows with [insert anything here.] integration.)

    What Apple needs to do is form an alliance with E-Reader / Peanut Press and having it integrate with iTMS. Then come out with an e book reader that uses digital ink. This is the tech that can paint a screen then cut power to the screen yet still have the image remain. In cases such as this we are talking WEEKS of battery life. Use digital ink + Apple's standard design flare + iTMS and I can guarantee people will eat it up.

    Does anyone know how big this would be? It would be huge. No beyond huge. Literature is as universally accepted as music. It's used everywhere from text books in schools, to training manuals, to maintenance manuals, to entertainment in the home, to entertainment while you are sitting waiting for the dentist. Imagine subscribing to a magazine and having it downloaded off of iTMS like a podcast.

    In short I would sell my first, second, third born sons, and cut off a pinky toe for Apple to release an e-book reader. This is Sony's attempt:

    No one in the market has done the design right yet. There is this huge market waiting for someone to step up to the plate and get it done right, easy, and elegant. Sound familiar?

    But above all please PLEASE PLEASE don�t integrate it into the iPod. It would be doing major disservice to the emerging industry.

    On second thought, silicon addict, you just might be right. big enough to read on just might be too big for the ipod. hrm.

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  • coldplaysucks.
    Mar 11, 07:48 PM
    mmmmmm i7 sounds sexy

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  • danvdr
    Nov 7, 07:47 PM
    I guess i was wrong with said niche markets.
    what i mean is that as they expand their market share, they'll need to expand their product line, in order to entice customers toward their products. basically, if they have a product for every corner of their market, they'll likely increase their market share.

    Good point.

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  • MrCrowbar
    Oct 28, 12:24 PM
    Reset PRAM, apparently that broke CoreDuoTemp sensor because mine is reading 12�C, iStatPro is reading 12� C as well, but smcFanControl is reading 72� C. Week 27 MacBook by the way. So my suggestion is, if your MacBook has no issues or you are fine with how it is running right now, DO NOT UPGRADE THE FIRMWARE.

    My Macbook also has false CPU Temp readings with all apps running Speedit. That is CoreDuoTemp, iStat widgets etc...
    smcFanControl uses a different sensor. My guess is the new firmware somehow disables the CPU core sensors (there is one in every core) and uses the other one instead. So the values SpeeIt gets refresh only every time you reboot.

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  • mrkjsn
    Oct 16, 01:56 AM
    Hi, did u use a ViBook to connect those monitors?

    No sir. Only the vertical screen is connected to the MBP via a Monoprice Miniport to HMDI connection. The other two screens are connected via Dual Link DVI to my PC that you can kinda see under the table (green lights).

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  • mtstaffa@gmail.
    Aug 24, 03:43 PM
    why are two different Apple websites giving slightly DIFFERENT serial numbers? one is 3K***** and the other is 3X*****

    here are the two Apple websites:

    so one of those is right and one is not. and of course, one of those i have to send my battery back, and one i dont! ahhh, what to do?!

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  • bigbossbmb
    Aug 3, 06:05 PM
    MacBook Pro 17" C2D + Adobe Creative Suite Universal
    MacBook Pro 17" C2D + Adobe Creative Suite Universal
    MacBook Pro 17" C2D + Adobe Creative Suite Universal
    MacBook Pro 17" C2D + Adobe Creative Suite Universal
    MacBook Pro 17" C2D + Adobe Creative Suite Universal

    My mantra for announcements voodoo. :D

    Don't hold your breathe about Universal friend works at Adobe and they are focusing on Vista more than a Universal Mac version....Universal will be out around March (give or take a month or two) next year.

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  • skunk
    Mar 10, 07:38 PM
    I reduced military spending to $90B and increased Vets' aftercare, too. Major gain came from removing the cap on SS contributions completely.

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  • ironjaw
    Oct 15, 07:30 PM
    There's been a debate for years over the differences in users between Mac & PC. One postulation is that Mac people are more savvy and personable, and will do something like walk over to a girl and offer up an ear bud, while the PC person would be too socially awkward to do that.

    Actually I was with some friends out one day at student bar, and i took out my ipod nano, and a girl came up to me and said "wow you've got an ipod nano as well - they are so cool, I've got a black one too." We fell into a convesation and she let me share her earbud so that she could let me hear some songs she like, and I did the same. :)

    Lets just say someone got lucky that night!:p

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  • BeachChair
    Apr 2, 02:41 PM
    I never disagreed with that, but that's not what I'm talking about-- I'm talking about sensor capabilities, which is the core issue in the MP myth. Just because something has 3 more MP than something else doesn't make it better at all... the quality of the sensor is essential, no? I'm not saying its a bad thing, but to say that this 5MP camera from this manufacturer is worse than this 8MP camera from a different manufacturer solely based on MP... that's the crux of the MP fallacy.

    Arh, in that case I agree. I don't think the iPhone4 really resolves 5 megapixels as it is.
    But I'm sure this 8MP sensor from Sony will have better dynamic range and low-light capabilities than the current one.

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  • skunk
    Apr 8, 03:59 PM
    I think what you said is very interesting and insightful. I have a big problem with the concept of original sin, or that people need saving in some way.

    If I could just pick out some small thing?

    I'm not sure everyone is born strictly neutral. There is a lot of evidence to show morality is, in part, evolutionary. I'm not saying people are born to be automatically wonderful, but if there was no structured society people would not all become mass murderers. Therefore I'd say people (with a few exceptions) are born with very basic morality already in place. However, upbringing and society can add or detract from this.

    Of course, this is viewed by a modern standard, and as you suggested- what is "good" and what is "bad" without a standard to judge it by? My head hurts! :confused:Monotheism was invented by priests in exile: they needed to acquire leverage over a scattered population. How better than to tell everyone they were damned by default and could only be saved through the intercession of God's Go-Betweens™. In the Good Old (Polytheistic) Days, you could play one god off against another.

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  • abbstrack
    Mar 25, 07:54 PM
    downloading now, but does anyone know if it fixed the issue with the sticky slide to unlock bar?

    this has become increasingly frustrating over the past few days.

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  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 12:45 AM
    So you never charge your iPhone or iPod? I'm all for wireless sync if the current method also stays.

    what does charging your phone have to do with being tied down to a single iTunes?

    When are they going to introduce wireless battery charging???

    still don't understand the craze with wireless charging since you have to leave the device on the pad to charge it... what makes that so much better than dropping it into a dock?

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  • lhawkins
    Sep 22, 06:13 PM
    It doesn't really matter what you think about Wal*Mart and their practices, however this story seems very unlikely. If proof of these allegations comes to light Apple would be able to double their cash on hand through one of the biggest lawsuit the world has ever seen. These allegations, if true, violate many different federal and state statutes and Apple would probably be bigger than Microsoft after the dust settled. Real damages would be in the Billions and punitive damages could be ten times as much. Wal*Mart can do this kind of thing to small companies and many third world countries, but Apple has the money to actually take this to court and juries are far more likely to believe the popular and stylish iPod maker than Wal*Mart with their reputation (deserved or not) for exploitation.

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  • DavidLeblond
    Sep 6, 08:58 AM
    Hey quick question.

    I was originally going to get the 20". With the proc upgrade, ram upgrade, and graphics upgrade.

    But now I'm looking at the 24" with only a ram upgrade. I'm not a "pro" so would I really notice a diff with the proc upgrade? And isn't the 128mb 7300 still much better than the 256mb 1600?

    The price diff between those two models still puts it at the price I was planning on spending on the 20" before the upgrades happened.... what should I do? I mean 24" is a nice size, but what I'm looking at is brighter screen, better speakers, better vid card... thats where I should be going right?

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  • firsttube
    Aug 3, 04:43 PM
    people are not understanding that ALL products on the banner have already been released...

    aside from leopard.

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  • slb
    Oct 26, 05:44 PM
    While we don't know exactly how the Firmware update was designed, it would appear as though the update will simply ignore symptoms of a SMC short circuit to allow the laptop to continue operating. If this is the case it may degrade a MacBook's ability to detect true over-heat situations.

    This is what I assumed when I read that the update "resolves" the issue, which is pretty optimistic wording. Perhaps they implemented some firmware method to detect overheating that doesn't rely on the sensor. I would love to know more information, since this update will appear for everyone with a MacBook whether or not they've been experiencing the shutdowns.

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  • Peace
    Jan 11, 05:23 PM
    That's not a poster, it's a big iPhone. They've got one in every store window. Different images scroll from bottom to top. Obviously this photo is in mid scroll.

    BTW - All the iphones in iPhone commercials are very different than my iPhone. They show a small little photo of the person calling instead of a big full screen photo. Don't know why. It's the same in this ad.


    Oct 12, 11:54 AM
    Why'd you get a MacBook Pro 13" if you have the iPad. I would have gotten the 15" or an iMac/Mac Mini in that case...

    I'm guessing he got the MBP before the iPad. And, the 13 inch MBP can do a lot more than an iPad, while being more portable than the 15".

    Sep 22, 02:11 PM
    Yeah, all this "Boycott Wal-Mart" talk rocks. I work for Target, so come on in guys and gals!

    I totally agree. Target is sooo much better than WM. I would rather pay the extra .50 or $1 more to go to Target. Cleaner stores, nicer people, and they don't have that funny smell that WM has. And they don't want to price everyone out of business, except maybe WM. That would be great.

    May 6, 06:48 PM
    I hate anything 3D so I hope it's not true.


    It's such a rubbish gimmick to begin with...

    IJ Reilly
    Aug 29, 12:09 PM
    Well it is hidden and it is different. I guarantee you that Dell doesn't pay the same price you do when they purchase a resale license for Vista from MS.

    Also OSX is included with every Mac but it is the same situation. Apple has to mark up the hardware by some increment for the cost of the OS. I have no idea what Apple's internal pricing is for OS X but it has some value.

    It has value, but Apple doesn't buy OSX from itself. The point being, you get OSX when you buy a Mac, just as you get Windows when you buy an OEM PC. Some people seem to be finding a virtue in the latter but not the former, and a problem the fact that Apple has managed to significantly improve the OS five time in same span of years when Microsoft has managed it only once.

    Oct 25, 03:57 AM
    bought a new desk @ikea
    what's in the pic:
    MBA 2,1 w/SSD (although I'm considering a switch with a MBP)
    Apple Cinema display 20" (bought this summer from a UK seller on ebay, works like a charm)
    LaCie USB speakers
    Magic Mouse + Magic Trackpad + Apple BT Keyboard (I'm left handed, so it's a pleasure to have the MT on the left and the MM on the right :D)
    iPhone 4 + gelaskin & bumper
    Griffin simplifi dock

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